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Newborn Baby Essentials

There are so many things going through your head when you are about to have a baby. I know - I was there. It can be very overwhelming. I have learned from my own experience, and gotten a lot of feedback from other moms. I have compiled a list of the esential things that you need when having a new born - from the best onesies for a newborn to the best swaddle blankets. When babies are so new all you think about is what will work and get you through the day.

The best short sleeve newborn kimono's

When you bring your newborn home, you want to keep your little one warm and happy.

We found that these kimono shirts were perfect for our newborn.  Its easy to change diapers - which happens a lot when they are little.  No fussing around with the snaps on a onesie.  Plus, these are great for helping protect the belly button.  Before the belly button comes off, you want to be extra careful, and keep it clean.  Its super easy to keep clean with these shirts, and they won't rub the scab.  

We usually kept our daughter in these shirts, with just diapers and swaddled them at night.  

Keep your newborn warm these onesies

We really liked to keep our daughter in these once her belly button came off. We only got one pack - with all of the laundry that we did, we ended up not needing any more than that.  We used these under the swaddle blankets, or under the zipper swaddle.  

The cutest sleep-n-plays

I loved these outfits.  They were perfect at keeping our daughter warm, and easy for her to play in.  Plus they come in really cute patterns and colors.  

Protect your baby from sharp fingernails

One thing that I remember from when our daughter was a newborn, was how scared I was to trim her nails.  Newborns are hard to hold still when you're going at them with nail clippers.  And the last thing you want to do is accidentally clip their finger.  So I found these mittens to be the perfect solution.  We used these when ever our daughter was wearing a shirt or outfit without the hand covers.  

Help your baby sleep more at night

After trying tons of different swaddle products, I found that we liked this swaddle the best.  We used to use the Muslin swaddle blankets, and sometimes we still do (on hot nights).  But this one is really secure.  My daughter never breaks free from it.  and I love that the bottom is pretty open and large for their legs to move around. My daughter sleeps longer in these swaddles too.  

The perfect co-sleeper

I couldn't bare to be away from my baby when she was a newborn, so we got this co-sleeper.  She slept right next to me, but in her own bed.  It made me feel so much better that she was safe, but literally an arms reach away.  If she got fussy, I could just rub her tummy and let her know I was there and she would go back to sleep.  Its very easy to set up and break down.  We take it with us when we travel so that she has her own bed, and we can keep her close.