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Its Baby Bath Time!

Having everything ready for when you're about to give your newborn or infant a bath for the first time is crucial. And making sure that you have the right stuff is just as important. Always remember to have everything ready to go and set up before you get your baby into the water. Have the hooded towel ready to go and laid out. Make sure and have a few wash cloths ready, as well as the soap and a small cup to help pour water on the baby. Have a diaper and wipes (incase they go pee after getting out of the water) and their outfit ready to go for fast and easy dressing. Remember to have a comb nearby to comb their hair while its wet - this will help prevent cradle cap.

The best baby bath tub

When my daughter got a little older, around 4 months, she was bigger and she was starting to control her movements.  This bath tub was perfect.  It fit right in our bath tub, and it still held her safely.  The feature I liked best was the temperature.  I always worried that the water temperature wasn't right, but with this tub, it tells you!  And its always filtering clean water to your baby, so you don't have to worry about dirty water while bathing your baby.  

The best baby sink bath tub

Newborns are so small that you need a small and safe space for them to be in when you bathe them.  This foldable sink bath tub is perfect.  Its soft, and you can fold it in different combinations to fit your baby and sick perfectly.  That way you are right there, and your baby is safe while you give them a bath.  It unfolds to become flat for storing, and its easy to clean.  It really made giving my baby girl a bath a lot easier then having to bend over to wash her in the bath tub.  

Use a great smelling all natural baby wash

We love using this baby wash, it smells so good!  And it leaves my baby's skin so soft and silky.  It never drys out her skin.  And the best part is that it is all natural.

Hooded Baby Bath Towel

I personally really like the hooded bath towels for newborns (and babies).  You are able to wrap their head in the hooded part, while keeping the rest of them warm.  All of babies heat escapes from their head, so make sure that you cover the tops of their head first, then wrap the rest of them.  

Baby Washcloths

These washcloths are perfect for your babies first bath.  You always want at least two washcloths ready for bath time.  It is so important that you only use a part of the washcloth once.  Once you use a corner for example, on their cheek, use another clean section on their other cheek, and so on.