Perfect your toothbrushing routine image

Perfect your toothbrushing routine

Most people have a brushing routine that they have not changed since they were a kid. It is time to refresh your habits and your equipment.

Get a new toothbrush

Most people still use the same kind of toothbrush they were using as a kid. You don't still ride a tricycle do you? Get a toothbrush that cleans your teeth better. This one keeps the heads clean from germs that fly around the bathroom when you flush. Has slots for two people so your significant other can use it or you can make a really good impression on a morning after.

Use a pre-brushing dental rinse

After many hours between brushing, it can get hard to remove all of it. A pre-brushing dental rinse can help get more off. A simple step that only takes a minute and can help you keep your teeth in perfect condition.

Rinse your gums out below the gumline

I can't tell you how many times I have brushed and flossed thinking I got everything and then used my waterpik only to have tons of junk come out. This is a must have for anyone who wants a cleaner mouth than they have ever had in their life. It also gives your gums a good massage that keeps blood flowing to them like dentists recommend. Once you see how much it gets out and how good your gums feel after using it you will be sad you didn't get one sooner.

Use a full thread floss

A full thread floss will remove more plaque and gunk than thin thread floss. I used to use glide because it was just so easy to use but unfortunately it just doesn't get everything out as good as a thicker waxed floss. I have tried alot of floss and like clean burst the best. I wish it came in bigger packages and wasn't so expensive like all floss is, but it is worth it.

Use a gum stimulator

Every time I go to the dentist he tells me everyone should be using a gum stimulator. It doesn't take very long to use and it is proven to help keep your gums healthy. I don't want to be using dentures when I am old so I am trying my best to use this regularly.

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