Perfect your personal hygiene image

Perfect your personal hygiene

Most of us have a personal hygiene routine we have not changed since we were kids. We just don't know any better because we do what we were taught to do by our parents and have not thought twice about it. Here are some ideas to break out of your old habits and improve what you are using and how you are using it.

Perfect your toothbrushing routine

Please work through this list of things to make sure your toothbrushing routine is optimal.

Upgrade your bar soap

Get a bar soap that does a good job while being sulfate free. Glycerin helps keep you clean and rinses off clean without being toxic.

Wash your face with the right soap

You need to use a special kind of soap on your face. No, you can't just splash with water because of the oil in your skin that mixes with dirt. You do want people to kiss your clean face right? Get a soap bar made with Glycerin that does the job for your face without being too harsh. There are anti pimple varieties if you need them but just keeping your face clean should do the job. Try and prefer the fragrance free kind so you can focus on the right amount of scent overall and keep toxic chemicals off your body. Keep it dry and cool after using it because it isn't as durable as regular soap.

Keep your fingernails perfectly trimmed

It is very important to keep your nails perfectly short. People look at your hands to see how well you take care of yourself. When your nails are out of control it says something about you. Throw out whatever junk you use to trim your nails and get a real sharp clipper. I got this one based on the crazy good reviews and am glad I did.

Clip your toenails with a quality clipper

When it is easy to use, you are more likely to do it when you need it. Most people go too long between clipping and others notice. You might not think they do, but they do. Get some clippers that make your life easier on those tough to clip toenails so that when the shoes come off at the beach or the bedroom, you don't embarrass yourself.

Get the best shaver for your face

Most people are still using a low tech razor with blades designed to rust so you have to pay to change the blades often. Get a longer lasting razor and save money in the long run while getting a better shave. This one is self cleaning and the blades last for a year. I have sensitive skin and this one cuts very close without irritating me. It also has a handy trimmer attached to get the sides.

Use a quality deoderant with scent plesant to others

Old Spice has a good balance of working well and having a scent most people enjoy. If you are not sure your current deodorant has a mild attractive smell, get a pack of these and feel confident.

Use a dandruff shampoo as needed

Don't go out with flakes. It is important that you not use it every day but just enough that you keep your shoulders clean.

Use a chemical free hair gel

Aloe works great as a natural hair gel. Consider making the switch to avoid tons of chemicals going into your scalp every day.

Use a high quality organic shampoo/conditioner

Stop using a daily shampoo and conditioner with chemicals like sulfates and parabens. They are slowly being phased out and banned around the world because of the health problems they cause but are still legal here. Do yourself a favor and stop using them. This is the best brand I use which is a good balance between natural and actually working and feeling like a normal shampoo.

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