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International Travel

Before traveling abroad, its important to be fully prepared. Follow these simple, yet often overlooked, tasks to ensure your trip is a safe and exciting adventure.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Website

Access the CDC website and devote an hour to researching your desired country. The CDC provides information about recent outbreaks or health concerns that may be present wherever you are headed. The mission of the CDC is to save lives and protect people so make use of this public information to ensure your travel is safe and enjoyable

Visit a Doctor

Now that you are aware of the health issues in your vacation destination, make an appointment with your doctor. Confirm that you are fully vaccinated and ready to physically make the trek. Your Doctor may also provide additional insights and pointers.

Get your suitcase ready

Make sure your suitcase is up for the travel. Don't be caught with a defective zipper or faulty wheel. The best way to avoid these hassles is to invest in a brand new and well made suitcase; one that will go the distance.

Pack your toiletries

Make sure to pack your toiletries carefully. Don't rush and stuff your luggage pockets. You'll risk fumbling through your items and losing things. Fortunately, hanging toiletries cases keeps these items separate and easy to hang on the door. A clean and functional case makes things easy to find.

Own a navigation device

Lose yourself but don't get lost. Getting lost is always stressful and stress is not on your to do list. Spend your time site seeing and not wasting time going in circles. Furthermore, why bring a paper map when technology makes it so much easier and fun.