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Save the planet - one diaper at a time!

With our landfills filling up by the minute, companies like GroVia have developed biodegradable diapers and diaper inserts that are safe to put on your baby's bottom. GroVia doesn't have any chemicals in their products - so for ultra sensitive babies, this is the perfect option.


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Read this article -

This is a great article - explaining the differences between disposable and reusable diapers.

Find some cute Diaper Covers

Diaper covers are extremely handy, you can machine wash them and they are one size fits all.  Most diaper covers have multiple snaps on them so they can fit the tinniest of newborns to active toddlers.  

Use Biodegradable Inserts - for traveling

These biodegradable inserts are to be used with the diaper covers and are best for traveling or when in a hurry. They are totally safe for your baby's bottom with no chemicals, dyes, fragrance, plastic and chlorine.

Use Snap-In Cloth Inserts

These awesome re-usable cloth inserts snap right into your cloth diaper cover. You can save so much money with these, rather than use regular disposable diapers that aren't biodegradable. Plus these are much healthier for your baby.  This is a nice alternative when you don't want to use the old fashioned cloth diapers.  These snap into the diaper covers. So they dont move around on you.  

Use Biodegradable Wipes

Completely unscented, dye and chlorine free, natural wipes are perfect for all babies. Keep this travel size pack in your diaper bag or in the car - perfect for on the go.

My Cloth Diaper Solution

A cloth diaper option that's affordable and works well for day and night time cloth diapering ...