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Home Recycling

Is it trash or a resource that can be reused in the future? One thing is for sure, it won't be much good if it ends up in a land fill. Recycling is as easy as a following these few simple steps. Doing so will help keep the planet clean for generations to come.

Create a reminder sheet above the trash bin

It is easy to forget that some things should not go into the trash.  So  above your trash  area place a list of acceptable items to recycle. For example, most types of plastics, cardboard, steal, aluminum, glass, aseptic containers, and paper

Own Recycling Containers

Bright blue containers with the recycling symbol are easy to distinguish from the trash cans. These containers help one to stay committed. These bins will make it easier for children to get involved.

Teach your children

Children can have a huge impact as well. However, children may not understand that recycling is a big deal. Use teaching aids to make recycling fun and easier to understand.

Own special Recycling Bags

You will want to wrap up those smelly items. In addition, different colored bag fill further help you to distinguish the trash from the recyclables.

Get extra use out of grocery bags

Used grocery bags make for perfect liners for small trashcans. They are also good for cleaning up after your pets. Nonetheless, you will still have many extras. Return these back to the grocery store as they will recycle them for you.

Recycle Batteries Carefully

Batteries contain toxic elements but can be recycled. However, do not throw them in your own recycling bin. Many stores will take old batteries and deal with them properly. Contact services like Call2Recycle and Batteries plus for additional assistance.

Get the facts and share with your friends

Your friends may not understand all these steps you have taken and may have lots of questions. Arm yourself with statistics to share with others to inspire them to catch the vision. Fortunately, there are good sources of knowledge out there to learn from

Establish the Location

Pick a place in your home that is not to close to the other real trash bins. This will ensure that recyclable items don't get thrown out on accident. The garage is perfect. Make sure the area is large enough to hold a large collection of cans.