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Learn more about your credit score

Finding out your credit score can be a scary thing. The key is to know how to keep it high, and what you can do if it starts to go down.

Get your credit score for free

There are a few ways to get your current credit score but most of them are either hard to understand or don't give you enough info about how it was calculated to be useful.  The three major credit agencies are required to each give you a one free copy of your credit report per year so the old wisdom was to rotate through them once every four months.

Fortunately the age of the internet has made getting your credit score much easier.  The current recommended way to get your score is to use CreditKarma.com.  In addition to telling you your current credit rating score, they will give you your "credit report card" which is a breakdown of all the reasons your credit is good or bad by letter score just like in school.  You can see right away what is bringing your score down so you can work on bringing it up.

Because they access credit reporting agency on your behalf, they will ask you a few questions to confirm who you are but they are a legit site so follow through.  I highly recommend everyone return to CreditKarma.com quarterly to make sure their score is moving in the right direction.

Take some time to click through each attribute of your credit report card and learn what you can do to increase your score over time.

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