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Things every kid should know and learn

We all want whats best for our children. Sometimes its the simplest thing that can make a difference. Teaching children the important lessons that we learned growing up, teaching them things that we have learned from other parents, and some fun stuff in between can be fun and very rewarding.


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Social and Emotional Skills for Kids: Get Ready for K Through Play

I feel that todays fast-paced world makes social and emotional intelligence more critical for our kids than ever before. Here are a few ways I am working with my kids on social and emotional intelligence. Im always looking for new ideas, so please take a moment to share your insights in the comments for this post! ...

Kids and Chores

10 tips to help kids get involved and to encourage them to take responsibility for daily household chores ...

Using Pretend Play to Conquer Fear

Pretend play can be a powerful tool in helping children conquer fears and anxieties - especially in early childhood. ...

We Get It: Parenting Clingy Kids

Do you have clingy children? I have three, although I prefer the term velcro kids, which I first heard from a friend of mine and a grandmother echoed a couple weeks ago in the kindergarten pick-up line. All of the other younger siblings were running rampant. Johnny and Lily were also running a tight circle around my legs. Clinginess isnt all bad. I rarely have to worry about my children going pla ... ...

Raising Kids Who Get Along

Tips for raising kids who get along and eliminating sibling rivalry ...