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Find the best toys for your infant

With so many infant toys out there now, its hard to find a few good ones that really do the job. We have searched through so many toys, and tested them - and here are the ones that we really liked and that our kids liked too.


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The best hard baby teether

This teether is great because my daughter can really chomp down on it.  And she holds on to it like it has handles!  Very easy to clean.  Its one of those things that we don't leave the house without.  

The ultimate baby teether toy

Every mom knows that you can't leave the house without Sophie the Giraffe!  My daughter loves her giraffe!  She will just go to town on that thing for about 20 minutes!  She loves the way it squeeks!  Its a must for every first time mom.  Your baby will love it.  

Have fun under the sea while your little one does tummy time

Enjoy watching your little one have fun with all the animals under the sea.  This activity center is perfect for tummy time or putting your baby on their back and having them play with the toys dangling from above.  

Watch your little one play with friends in the trees!

This activity center is so cute!  It is perfect for tummy time and the animals that come with it are awesome!  My daughter loves playing with them.

Enjoy watching your little one become Mozart with their feet!

My daughter absolutely loves this piano activity center.  You can have it upright or flat for when the baby is older.  

Have fun with these ocean themed bath toys

My Daughter loves it when I squirt water at her with these toys!  They have also found there way out of the bath tub, and in the toy bucket in her room!  

Make bath time clean up fun

This cute bath toy scooper is really a toy in itself!  Its so handy to have everything there where you need it with the baby washes, etc.  And then I let my daughter use the scooper to get all of her toys!  She loves it!

Tickle your little one with these bath squirters

My daughter absolutely loves these bath toys!  I fill them with water and squirt them at her belly and she just laughs and laughs!  They are super cute and fun to play with.  Its an easy way to make bath time fun for everyone.

Make bath time fun with these stacking toys

Babies love bath time, and they especially love splashing water.  Our daughter loves these ducks - she plays with the water with them, stacks them and makes them 'swim!'  Another easy way to enjoy bath time with your baby.

Make sure the bath water is the perfect temperature

I have tried a bunch of temperature monitors for the bath water in our bath tub, but I didn't really like any until I came across this one.  It shows you three different temperatures - COLD, IDEAL, and HOT.  If the water is too cold, COLD will show up, if the water is ideal for your baby, then IDEAL will show up, and so on.  It takes away the frustration with trying to figure out if the water is too hot or too cold for your little one to bathe in.  

The best activity jumper

Babies love to jump - once they discover their legs.  This jumper has been a huge hit with my daughter.  She loves all of the different toys on it, and she is able to swivel around all by herself now.  So when she gets bored with one, she can swivel to the next.  We have even attached some of our own toys to it as well, with the extra loops on the top bars.  The seat is nice and large to accommodate any size baby.  We just used a blanket when our daughter was little and needed more support.

Encourage crawling with this musical ball

Our daughter loves this ball!  We turn it on for her, and she just goes nuts!  It has cute animals on it, and it rolls around the floor, encouraging her to follow it.  

Perfect toy for the high chair

We received this toy as a gift and my daughter can't get enough of it!!!  It helps her with her motor and sensory skills, and she loves the colors.  It has a suction cup on the bottom so you can put it on the high chair table and it won't go anywhere.

Keep your little one entertained with this activity triangle

This is an awesome toy to help kids play with different shapes and learn cause and effect.  It also helps sensory skills.

Have your little one open and close this toy

My Daughter absolutely loves this toy!  She can't get enough of it, opening them and closing them.  It really teaches kids cause and effect.  

Watch your baby become Mozart!

You will have so much fun watching your little one play with this one.  When you hit a key, the ball pops up!  Its great for showing cause and effect, and the kids love the music too!  Its easy to clean if it gets dirty - just use a baby wipe.  

Help your little one develop their motor skills

This toy is really awesome.  You are able to take the ball part - apart to get all of the shape toys out of it to play the game again.  Its a really cool toy for kids to learn what shapes are and how they fit into holes.  Plus these toys are 100% recycled plastic - so you are saving the world (well at least a little)!

Stacking cups are good for playing in the sand or in the tub

We have used these stacking cups for everything!  We take them to the beach, they are great for bath time, and just playing in the nursery.  We put other toys in them, and then dump them all out and start over again.  These are also recycled plastic toys.

Infant safe squeeze blocks

We were looking for blocks that would be appropriate for an infant (under 12 months), and this was it!  Wood blocks can have sharp edges, and if your baby isn't strong enough to sit very well by themselves, or isn't confident in crawling, I would recommend staying away from wood blocks until they are around 12 months and up (view age requirements on wooden toys for specific ages).  So we found these and they are perfect.  Our daughter loves to stack these, and when you squeeze them, they squeak! 

Develop your child's sensory and dexterity

These balls are excellent for infants.  They really help develop sensory skills.  They are very colorful and they bounce too!