The best toys for your toddler image

The best toys for your toddler

Toddler toys can be really fun - there are so many different options. We have searched and are still searching (there are so many!) and here is the list that we came up with that our kids enjoyed.


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Help your infant learn to walk

Make bath time clean up fun

This cute bath toy scooper is really a toy in itself!  Its so handy to have everything there where you need it with the baby washes, etc.  And then I let my daughter use the scooper to get all of her toys!  She loves it!

Have fun with these ocean themed bath toys

My Daughter loves it when I squirt water at her with these toys!  They have also found there way out of the bath tub, and in the toy bucket in her room!  

Tickle your little one with these bath squirters

My daughter absolutely loves these bath toys!  I fill them with water and squirt them at her belly and she just laughs and laughs!  They are super cute and fun to play with.  Its an easy way to make bath time fun for everyone.

Make bath time fun with these stacking toys

Babies love bath time, and they especially love splashing water.  Our daughter loves these ducks - she plays with the water with them, stacks them and makes them 'swim!'  Another easy way to enjoy bath time with your baby.

Make sure the bath water is the perfect temperature

I have tried a bunch of temperature monitors for the bath water in our bath tub, but I didn't really like any until I came across this one.  It shows you three different temperatures - COLD, IDEAL, and HOT.  If the water is too cold, COLD will show up, if the water is ideal for your baby, then IDEAL will show up, and so on.  It takes away the frustration with trying to figure out if the water is too hot or too cold for your little one to bathe in.  

The best activity jumper

Babies love to jump - once they discover their legs.  This jumper has been a huge hit with my daughter.  She loves all of the different toys on it, and she is able to swivel around all by herself now.  So when she gets bored with one, she can swivel to the next.  We have even attached some of our own toys to it as well, with the extra loops on the top bars.  The seat is nice and large to accommodate any size baby.  We just used a blanket when our daughter was little and needed more support.