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The best baby gear

Getting ready for a baby can be overwhelming. I've done it - and I got so wrapped up in the research. I have researched everything there is to know about baby products. From strollers to burp cloths, to diapers and pacifier wipes. I found that these items are the best, and other moms think so too.


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The perfect swing to rock your baby to sleep

Newborns need a lot of sleep, and sometimes the only way to get them to sleep is by rocking them.  This swing will save your arms and your back and allow you to get the rest you need after having a baby.  The nice thing about this swing is that its soft cushions cradle your baby, and you can rotate the swing so that you can swing back and forth or forward and back.  

The best pack & play

Having a great pack & play can really change your life when you have a newborn.  Its an extra diaper changing station, an extra sleeper, an extra play pen and its all in one piece of furniture!  These attachments can easily be removed and added back with little to no effort.  And then when you need it, it converts to a big play pen when the baby is older and able to play on their own.  Plus you can pack it up and take it with you when traveling.  

The safest infant car seat

After a lot of research, testing weight and functionaility, I found that the Peg Perego Primo Viaggo 4/35 is the best when it comes to safety, and its very easy to use.  The base that comes with the infant car seat is very easy to install in your car, and can be easily removed to put into another car.  This car seat's fabric and liner are well made and won't come apart from normal wear and tare.  

Plus the great thing is that you can get stroller attachments for the BOB or the Uppababy so that your car seat can easily clip in, without waking a sleeping baby.  

The best city stroller

If you don't plan on doing a lot of running or hiking with your stroller, then the Uppababy Vista is an excellent choice.  It comes standard with so many accessories.  A bassinet that clips into the stroller for when your baby is a newborn, a rain shield, and a net shield that zip onto the bassinet and the toddler seat.  Both the toddler and bassinet are reversible - so you can have your baby facing you or facing out.  The toddler seat is completely adjustable from a little baby all the way up to 40 pounds.  You also can recline the seat 180 degrees.  The frame is very sturdy, and pretty lightweight.  The compartment on the bottom is the biggest one I've found for a stroller.  I have been able to put my diaper bag, toy bag, play blanket, Bjorn carrier, and bags from shopping down there.  Plus if something gets on it, you can easily remove it and clean it.  

The accessories for it are also very nice.  Depending on what your Infant car seat is, you can get an adapter that you can easily clip it into.  Which makes it very useful when you have a sleeping newborn and need to use the stroller.  I plan on getting the skateboard attachment when I have two kids.  They also have an additional seat that can fit onto the front of it to hold two kids.  

Its very easy to collapse it and set it up - I have even done it while holding my baby (not advised, please consult your physician before attempting).

I love my Uppababy stroller, I use it every day.  And if you ever have any issues with the wheels or parts, their customer service is amazing.  They will take care of you- every time.  I also have to say - I researched strollers for about 3 months before purchasing any.  I found this one to have great reviews - and I personally know 4 other moms that have and LOVE this stroller.  Its worth every penny.  I promise.  

The best jogger stroller

If you go on a lot of walks like I do, you will want a nice sturdy stroller with a lot of suspension, but also easy to break down and put in your car.  The BOB Stroller really takes care of that.  You can break it down in one easy motion, and the wheels are easily removable so that you can really get it packed in for long car rides and it doesn't take up much space.  

The suspension is unmatched.  It really makes a difference on those big bumps in the sidewalk that would normally wake a baby up from a deep sleep.  Plus it is awesome on the beach, even going through thick dry sand. 

The best all in one Carrier

The Bjorn Active Carrier takes all the features you need in a good carrier and puts it into one.  You are able to have your baby face you or face out, it also has small straps to adjust the carrier for newborns.  It comes in a few different colors, and also has terry cloth covers for your teething baby.  Its very easy to adjust from one person to the next.  I am 5'6" and my husband is 6'4", and we both wear it all the time with no problem making the adjustments inbetween.  You can easily put it on and put the baby in it without any assistance.  And its machine washable.  The nice thing about the Bjorn Active is that it has the extra back support.  Babies get heavy, and you will be thankful you got the back support after 2 hours of wearing them around town.  

The perfect baby bouncer

Sometimes newborns just need a little bounce to get back to sleep.  The Bjorn Baby Bouncer can really help with that.  You can either bounce it yourself, or your baby's movement can actually bounce it a little, helping your baby get back to sleep.  Plus a huge advantage to using this bouncer is that its at an incline which helps reduce the risk of SIDS.  

The best activity jumper

Babies love to jump - once they discover their legs.  This jumper has been a huge hit with my daughter.  She loves all of the different toys on it, and she is able to swivel around all by herself now.  So when she gets bored with one, she can swivel to the next.  We have even attached some of our own toys to it as well, with the extra loops on the top bars.  The seat is nice and large to accommodate any size baby.  We just used a blanket when our daughter was little and needed more support.

The best diaper pail

After lots of research on diaper pails, I came across the Dekor Plus Diaper pail.  Its modern looking - so it will go in any nursery decor.  Its easy to use on a daily basis, and easy to change the lining with the dirty diapers in it.  And the best part is that it keeps the bad diaper odor in the bag!  There is also the option to remove the diaper flap for use later on, when you just want to use it as a trash can.  The Plus size gives you more room for diapers, so you don't have to take out the trash as often either.  

The best odor fighters for diaper pails and dirty clothes hampers

These odor fighters are very effective.  I have used them in our dirty clothes hampers for our daughter, as well as in our kitchen trash!  They really do a great job.  

The best baby humidifier

When my baby got sick, I tried everything.  The humidifier was really one of the best things we got from our baby shower.  It keeps the air moist, so that her nose didn't get dry, and we were able to put Vicks Vapo Steam in the top, so that there was medicine in the air, helping her get over her cold.  Its easy to use, and refill with water.   

The perfect co-sleeper

I couldn't bare to be away from my baby when she was a newborn, so we got this co-sleeper.  She slept right next to me, but in her own bed.  It made me feel so much better that she was safe, but literally an arms reach away.  If she got fussy, I could just rub her tummy and let her know I was there and she would go back to sleep.  Its very easy to set up and break down.  We take it with us when we travel so that she has her own bed, and we can keep her close.  

The best baby bath tub

When my daughter got a little older, around 4 months, she was bigger and she was starting to control her movements.  This bath tub was perfect.  It fit right in our bath tub, and it still held her safely.  The feature I liked best was the temperature.  I always worried that the water temperature wasn't right, but with this tub, it tells you!  And its always filtering clean water to your baby, so you don't have to worry about dirty water while bathing your baby.  

The best baby sink bath tub

Newborns are so small that you need a small and safe space for them to be in when you bathe them.  This foldable sink bath tub is perfect.  Its soft, and you can fold it in different combinations to fit your baby and sick perfectly.  That way you are right there, and your baby is safe while you give them a bath.  It unfolds to become flat for storing, and its easy to clean.  It really made giving my baby girl a bath a lot easier then having to bend over to wash her in the bath tub.  

The best travel baby monitor

Having a small compact baby monitor with you when you travel is a necessity.  This monitor is very small, and it even has a vibration setting.  That way if you are with company, your guests don't have to hear your baby crying, you feel it when the monitor vibrates.  I never leave the home without it.  

The best baby video monitor

When you have a baby or a newborn, you always want your baby to be safe while sleeping.  I really thought this baby video monitor helped me watch my baby while she slept.  Its very easy to use. YOu have the ability to move the camera from your smart phone and gain access to it from anywhere in your house - via your WIFI connection. You have the ability to adjust the brightness, volume, and you can add more than one camera.  There is a camera light option that you can turn on from the monitor.  And if you want you can even talk through the monitor to shhhh your baby back to sleep.  

The perfect breast feeding pillow

I love my Boppy Pillow.  its so convenient to have a pillow that works perfectly when breast feeding.  I even take it traveling with us, and I have one for upstairs!  My daughter loves sitting in it, and playing with it.  Definitely one of the items that has improved my life.  

The perfect drying rack

I absolutely love my drying rack!  Its so cute, and its the perfect place for all of the pacifiers, bottles, nipples, teethers, etc to go while they dry before I sterilize them. Its very easy to clean and store under the sink when not in use.  

The perfect baby first aid kit

I received this as a gift at my baby shower, and I am so thankful that I registered for it!  I never thought I would need nail clippers and nail files so quickly after my daughter was born.  We have also used the nasal aspirator and digital thermometer when she got sick.  Its been so useful!  You never know when you are going to need the stuff in this kit, but I can assure you, you will be glad you had it on hand!

The best changing pad

When it comes to changing a babies diaper, you want something soft, but waterproof, easy to clean, and something that can help you hold your child in place while taking care of business.  This one is all of that and its pretty inexpensive   We got it as a gift at our baby shower, and it has worked perfectly!