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Create a Babysitter Handbook

When hiring a Nanny or Babysitter - its always a smart idea to have all of the important information ready at a moments notice when she or he will need it. I have compiled everything that is in my Babysitter handbook and put it on here for you to use as well! I have gotten feedback from other moms who love the idea and wish they had one of these when they used a nanny or babysitter.

Find a binder

Find a cute binder that you like, that will be able to hold all of the data that you want to have available for the babysitter or nanny to reference.  

Get dividers

Get some durable dividers that won't rip out easily.  Because this binder will be referenced a lot, you want all of your stuff to stay put.  

Get Tabs

In addition to the dividers, you will want removable tabs.  

Get sheet protectors

I used these sheet protectors for all of the information that I put in my binder.  That way I can easily change out the info, and all of the pages will still look great.  These are also great for putting all of the emergency info in them.  

Print out the Babysitter Emergency Guide

Babysitters can take the Red Cross course, but this is a great reference guide for any emergency that can happen while you are away and your babysitter is watching your children.  So make sure you print this off, and include it in your binder.  

Have your babysitter take a course with the Red Cross

Having any caregiver take the babysitter course with the Red Cross is a good idea.  You never know what will happen, and its always better to be prepared.  The Red Cross offers an online course as well as a course that you can go to in person.  

Print out this Choking Information Sheet

Print this page out and put it in the binder under the emergency section.

Print this Pediatric Ready Reference

With children, so many things can happen.  This Pediatric Ready Reference goes over everything that can happen.  Have your babysitter read it while your child sleeps or before you leave them alone for the first time.  

Print Poison Control info

Children - especially little kids always put stuff into their mouth.  Make sure that all of your cleaning supplies are locked up and out of reach of children.  

Get this calendar for your binder

Having a calendar in your binder will help your babysitter know whats going on for the week, or know what activities they will need to take the child(ren) to.  Its also a place that they can put their vacation schedules in so that you know when they are available.

Create "Emergency Numbers" information page

The Emergency Numbers page should include the following:

  • Your cell phone number
  • Your husbands cell phone number
  • Any relatives that live near by
  • At lease one neighbor (make sure that you talk to this neighbor and get their permission before providing their information)
  • Childs Pediatrician
  • Poison Control Center:  1-800-222-1222
  • Emergency:  911
  • And any alternative Babysitters in case they are not available.
I used Word to print out all the info above.  Make sure that the font is large - you don't want the babysitter to have to try and make out the phone numbers when its a real emergency.

To download the template click HERE.

Make a "General Information" page

In the General Information page that I created I included the following:

  • Our home address (in case the babysitter wanted to get food delivered)
  • Cross streets
  • Email address for myself and my husband
  • Our Health Insurance Information - in case of emergency.  Make sure to include your Provider, ID number, Group # and Plan Code, and any other information that you think they might need.
  • 24 Hour Nurse line that is provided by your health insurance
  • Child's Pediatrician's name, address and phone number.  
One thing that you might need to check is your babysitter may not be able to speak with your child's doctor unless they have an authorization.  Your doctor's office should have a form that you will need to fill out in person and provide the information for your babysitters, so that in the case of an emergency they can call and speak with a nurse or a doctor.  

To download the template, click HERE.  

Provide the child's schedule

Provide the daily schedule for your child.  Make sure to include the following:

  • When and where the child needs to be picked up from
  • Nap times and Bed time
  • Meals:  approved food and drinks
  • Play time
  • Play Dates
To download the template, click HERE.

List all of the household instructions

Make sure to document all of the instructions around the house for the babysitter.  
Include the following: 

  • Instructions for TV (if approved)
  • Dishwasher/Oven (if applicable)
  • any miscellaneous items
To download the template, click HERE.

Create an Approved Activities List

Make a list of things that the babysitter is approved to do with your children.  Things you may want to include:

  • What parks they can walk to, or drive (is appropriate)
  • Classes
  • What areas of the house they are allowed to play in
  • Toys
To download the template, click HERE.

Provide a list of approved food

List what food your child can eat, if it needs to be prepared and where to find it.  You will also want to include what your child can drink and what they need to drink it out of.

To download the template, click HERE.

Include this list of NON-Approved Food for children

This is a list of the foods that are not recommended by doctors for children.  Make sure that you go over this with your babysitter and that they are clear and understand everything listed on this document.  

To download the template, click HERE.

Organize your binder

I have organized my binder in this order (feel free to organize it how ever you see fit):

1. Divider:  Emergency Contact Information
        a.  Emergency Numbers Doc (included in the template)
2.  Divider:  General Information
        a.  General Information Doc (included in the template)
        b.  Baby's Schedule Doc (included in the template)
        c.  Household Instructions Doc (included in the template)
3.  Divider:  Approved Activities
        a.  Approved Activities Doc (included in the template)
4.  Divider:  Approved Food
        a.  Approved Food Doc (included in the template)
        b.  NON-Approved Food Doc (included in the template)
5.  Divider:  Schedule
        a.  Calendar Insert
                1.  I put tabs on each of the Month view's so that it was easier to get to each month.
6.  Divider:  Emergency
        (I put tabs on each of these docs and labeled them so that it was very easy to get to each document.)
        a.  Conscious Choking Doc
        b.  Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Doc
        c.  Poison Prevention Tips for Babysitters doc (included in the template)
        d.  Babysitter's Training Doc