Learn to ask and answer questions with confidence

101 Good Questions to Ask on a Date: Discover Conversation Topics and Questions that will Eliminate any Incidence of Awkward Silence and Increase Attraction with Your Date Image

Just trying to land a first date is like a job interview, you must never lie and you need to sound intelligent and successful in all your answers. Most questions you will be asked to see if you are worth going out with can be anticipated ahead of time and you get major points when you are able to answer them clearly and with confidence. You also need to be able to fill down time asking great questions. Asking good questions shows intelligence and makes the other person try harder to impress you. Trying to impress you makes them want you. So the benefit of being well prepared to answer any question is being able to ask any question. Memorize a long list of questions covering a good mix of the obvious and the creative that you can fill an evening learning more about who your date really is. So spend some time reading a good book on dating questions. Make sure you have good answers to them all. Practice asking them on friends and family casually so that you sound comfortable and confident and not scripted. Here are some internet sites with great questions and what they can tell you about someone: http://www.solotopia.com/dating-questions.html http://www.futurescopes.com/speed-dating/139/45-best-speed-dating-questions-you-can-ask-prospective-date

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