GMER rootkit removal tool

GMER is a anti-rootkit scanner that searchs your computer for Rootkits on your computer and then allows you to attempt to remove them. Note that GMER is available as a random named .EXE files or a .ZIP file. When you run GMER, if it is shutdown automatically, then it is most likely the infection detecting that GMER is running and terminating it. In this situation you should use the .EXE download link to download a random named version of GMER. If you are unable to run that, then please rename the download to iexplore.exe before you attempt to run it. GMER scans for the following: hiddenprocesses hiddenthreads hiddenmodules hiddenservices hiddenfiles hiddendisk sectors (MBR) hiddenAlternate Data Streams hiddenregistry keys drivers hooking SSDT drivers hooking IDT drivers hooking IRP calls inline hooks Please put all these tools in your "system cleaning" folder, run this tool with the other suggested tools regularly. They are quick and better safe than sorry.

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