HijackThis startup program identification

HijackThis is a program that can be used to spot programs that you do not want to start automatically. This program is a not anti-virus program, but it shows you what is starting up automatically on your computer as well as other configuration information that is commonly hijacked. Since there is no filter on what it reports, you will get alot of information from it and should research each entry before you remove anything using this tool. Usually people who are experts request the output of this file after virus removal tools are run so that they can spot anything suspicious left around. The instructions state "You should only use HijackThis if you have advanced computer knowledge or if you are under the direction of someone who does. Improper usage of this pr ogram can cause problems with how your computer operates." This is true if you use it to remove anything but you can run it just to give you a list of what is starting up on your computer. You should look up each process on the internet to have a basic understanding of what is running on your computer. Hopefully you will not find any problems. If you find something suspicious, please see the link to the HijackThis Tutorial on bleepingcomputer.com.

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