National Wildlife Federation

Wildlife's ability to survive the challenges of the 21st century is becoming outpaced by the events that are transforming our world. Global warming, the loss of habitat, and people becoming more disconnected from nature than past generations are converging on a dangerous path for our planet.

The work of NWF provides answers to these challenges and will help ensure America's wildlife legacy continues for future generations. The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund's Action Center provides America's wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts, environmental advocates, and concerned citizens with the tools and resources they need to hold their elected officials accountable to protecting wildlife for our children's future.

The Action Center makes getting involved with wildlife advocacy easy and effective by providing you with quick and clever ways to make sure your decision makers hear your call for solutions that protect and restore our natural world. Grassroots action matters - and you can make a huge difference for wildlife and future generations by taking action with NWF Action Fund.

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