Get professional pictures of yourself

Having professional pictures of yourself is necessary to let people see the real you without any blur or grain in the way. Everyone in this day and age is conditioned by perfect magazine and model images. It is an impossible standard to live up to but the good news is that it isn't hard or expensive to get some great shots of your self.

Put professional face shot photos on your media sites and dating profiles so that people can easily identify you and can see the best of you come through in the image. If you look at your competition on a dating site, many people choose low quality images of themselves. Poor images implies a big risk that they are poor quality people.

Acquiring a date is a competition so stay competitive by doing the best you can. When evaluating a prospective significant other, people will almost always share available images with their friends for social validation. You NEED the thumbs up.."he/she is really cute!!" from the friends. Get great honest photos.

Be happy with the best of who you really are. The only thing worse than bad images are false expectations. So make sure they are current and show the best of the real you. It is difficult to recommend any good local resources so find a good photographer from a reference or from the phonebook that will give you great photos for a reasonable price.

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