The best city stroller

UPPAbaby 2015 Vista Stroller, Jake Image

If you don't plan on doing a lot of running or hiking with your stroller, then the Uppababy Vista is an excellent choice.  It comes standard with so many accessories.  A bassinet that clips into the stroller for when your baby is a newborn, a rain shield, and a net shield that zip onto the bassinet and the toddler seat.  Both the toddler and bassinet are reversible - so you can have your baby facing you or facing out.  The toddler seat is completely adjustable from a little baby all the way up to 40 pounds.  You also can recline the seat 180 degrees.  The frame is very sturdy, and pretty lightweight.  The compartment on the bottom is the biggest one I've found for a stroller.  I have been able to put my diaper bag, toy bag, play blanket, Bjorn carrier, and bags from shopping down there.  Plus if something gets on it, you can easily remove it and clean it.  

The accessories for it are also very nice.  Depending on what your Infant car seat is, you can get an adapter that you can easily clip it into.  Which makes it very useful when you have a sleeping newborn and need to use the stroller.  I plan on getting the skateboard attachment when I have two kids.  They also have an additional seat that can fit onto the front of it to hold two kids.  

Its very easy to collapse it and set it up - I have even done it while holding my baby (not advised, please consult your physician before attempting).

I love my Uppababy stroller, I use it every day.  And if you ever have any issues with the wheels or parts, their customer service is amazing.  They will take care of you- every time.  I also have to say - I researched strollers for about 3 months before purchasing any.  I found this one to have great reviews - and I personally know 4 other moms that have and LOVE this stroller.  Its worth every penny.  I promise.  

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