The best high chair

Peg-Perego Tatamia High Chair, White Latte Image

We didn't have a high chair when I started feeding my daughter.  I always had to have someone holding her while I fed her baby food.  Then we decided on this one and I am so glad!  I love it!  Its perfect - it is adjustable in so many ways.  You can change the height, it reclines, the foot rest adjusts, and its a swing!!!

I really love the start and stop feature.  The high chair doesn't move unless you are pressing both start & stop buttons at the same time.  I know that my daughter isn't going anywhere when she's in it.  I also really like that you can store it and its pretty slim when its all put away.  I know that this high chair will last us for years!  And its very easy to clean.  I just take a baby wipe to it when we are done using it and its all clean!

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