cpu fan for best heat removal

Corsair Hydro Series Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler H80i Image

Water cooling used to be only for the experts since they leaked, needed to be refilled, etc.  Fortunately there are much better systems on the market now that are fully enclosed and don't need any maintenance other than making sure the heat sink doesn't get plugged up with dust over time.  Prices are reasonable too.  They give you better performance than air cooling.  There really is no reason not to build your new systems with modern water cooling.

The pipes can be a tiny bit of a pain to bend into the right position but once you get it all configured, you will be glad you did it.  You wont have any concern about heat as you overclock your pc as far as the chip will go.

This is the current water cooler I recommend.  Just make sure your case fits the size of the fan somewhere.  If not, get a smaller size.  

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