waxy maize for workout carbs

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Your body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose (also known as blood sugar), because cells are designed to use this as a universal energy source.  As blood sugar levels rise, your body produces insulin that signals cells to absorb the sugar for energy now or storage for later.  You need enough of that energy to power your lifestyle.  Typically a glass of milk right after you workout and then good natural meal 30 minutes after your workout will be fine for most. 
But for a heavy workout, consider this as a rough guide for carbs before, during, and after...

Directly before exercise
0.4 g/kg high glycemic index carbs
15 g Essential Amino Acids EAAs  (or 5g BCAAs)

During exercise
A 4:1 ratio of carbs/protein/electrolytes hydration liquid you will sip as you workout.

Immediately following exercise
0.4 g/kg high glycemic index carbs
15 g Essential Amino Acids EAAs  (or 5g BCAAs)

There are two popular workout carb choices: waxy maize, or 50/50 maltodextrin/dextrose mix.  Each are worth researching further.

Despite all the advertising to the contrary, Waxy maize has been shown to have lower insulin spike than maltodextrin/dextrose mix, which makes it less of a carbohydrate shock to your system and therefore possibly safer on your long term health, at the expense of some short term benefits that come with the insulin spike.

Get some waxy maize and use the proper amount of carbs for your weight to replenish your blood sugar. 

Note that most people would be better off just buying some Endurox if they are just starting out.  It is a post workout recovery drink that already has the proper ratio of protein and carbs.  Check it out if you decide to stop making your own shakes from scratch.

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