Make a "General Information" page

In the General Information page that I created I included the following:

  • Our home address (in case the babysitter wanted to get food delivered)
  • Cross streets
  • Email address for myself and my husband
  • Our Health Insurance Information - in case of emergency.  Make sure to include your Provider, ID number, Group # and Plan Code, and any other information that you think they might need.
  • 24 Hour Nurse line that is provided by your health insurance
  • Child's Pediatrician's name, address and phone number.  
One thing that you might need to check is your babysitter may not be able to speak with your child's doctor unless they have an authorization.  Your doctor's office should have a form that you will need to fill out in person and provide the information for your babysitters, so that in the case of an emergency they can call and speak with a nurse or a doctor.  

To download the template, click HERE.  

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