Solutions for inverted or flat nipples

Medela SoftShells for Inverted Nipples Image

Having inverted or flat nipples can be a real problem and can be very painful.  Pumping can help pull your nipples out, but you can't be pumping all day to keep your nipples erect.  Medela has come up with a pretty incredible product to help.  I wore these for about the first 3 weeks after my second daughter was born (only during the day), and it helped tremendously!  It allowed my nipples to air out after a feeding, but also keep them erect so that my nipples were more likely to stay out once I took the soft shields off.  These are comfortable with a soft back that won't irritate your nipple or skin. I always had one pair on, and one clean and ready to go when I needed to switch out.  But remember not to wear them at night, and not to bend over while wearing them.  Your milk will leak out the tops!

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